Unicorn Huset BA

Ingreso Free toda la noche

Válido hasta: 01/06/2020

Several years ago, The Unicorn was born somewhere on earth. He quickly made it his mission to travel all corners on earth in search of new cultures, landscapes, beaches, nightlife and good parties.

Today, The Hidden Unicorn has landed in Buenos Aires and he invites all the lovable people from around the world to perform their party fantasies in a relaxed atmosphere, to come and spend a good time at his bar house, a unique and hidden one in the neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Disfrutá con tu ISIC

  • Ingreso free toda la noche
  • Happy Hour toda la noche
  • 30% Dto en cenas


Teléfono: 1536485653
Email: bookings@unicornhuset.com

Honduras 5730, Palermo , Capital Federal